Corrupt MPs?

Civic Platform (PO) has prepared a draft act which provides that the future heads of political offices at the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will have to meet specific criteria. These would include having a higher education, at least seven years’ work experience, including two years in a managerial position, and security clearance. The proposal was inspired by the current head of the political office and spokesman of the Ministry of National Defence, Bartłomiej Misiewicz. According to MP Cezary Tomczyk from PO: “In the case of Mr Misiewicz, all boundaries of good taste and decency have been crossed.” Tomczyk hopes that the act will preclude “people like Misiewicz” from taking up important ministerial positions. Marcin Kierwiński, head of the political office of the former PM Ewa Kopacz, also takes a negative view of Misiewicz, calling the spokesman a “symbol of the personnel policy of Minister Macierewicz.” Kierwiński notes that experienced and competent people are leaving the Ministry and are being replaced by the passive and mediocre, yet faithful, functionaries of the current governing party. However, the draft act was criticised by Ryszard Petru from Modern (Nowoczesna), who points out that PO had its chance to pass such legislation when it was in power. He contends that no regulations can change the fact that “a bad government will always find a place for bad, unqualified people.” Last week, Fakt reported that Misiewicz had been seen in a club in Białystok, buying drinks for everyone, hitting on female students and offering them jobs at the Ministry. According to the daily, Misiewicz had been accompanied by a security detail, having had arrived in a ministry-owned car. The spokesman, who denies everything, is currently on leave.


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