Poles Leaving Church

Fading Appeal?

Fading Appeal?

Religious practice among young people is the lowest it has ever been in Poland. According to the latest report of Pew Research Center, young people all over the world is becoming increasingly less religious. This applies to Catholics, Muslims as well as followers of other religions. When it comes to the decline in religiousness, Poland is one of the leading countries. Poles under 40 are most likely to miss religious ceremonies and are least attached to religion. In the case of the lack of daily prayer, only Japan is better than Poland. Even though Poland are still Catholic leaders in Europe and every third priest in Europe is Polish, this number may soon drop dramatically as there are increasingly fewer people joining seminaries. According to research by Professor Józef Baniak of Adam Mickiewicz University, who analyzes religiousness, young Polish people are religious illiterates. They cannot name the most important Catholic prayers and when asked how many Gospels there are, many say there are eight. What is more, many consider St. Peter, the Mother of God and John Paul II to be part of the Holy Trinity.


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