No Fear of Orban in Poland

Orban in Disguise?

Orban in Disguise?

German political scientist Dieter Bingen claims that Andrzej Duda already has a level of independence from Jarosław Kaczyński. He believes Law and Justice (PiS) now has a chance to evolve into a modern conservative party. This transformation will be, however, determined by the youngest PiS activists. Will they be open enough to change PiS into a modern, conservative party, united with the open part of society, or will traditionalist tendencies win? The answer to this question is, according to Bingen, crucial for Poland’s future. Bingen also believes that Poland should not panic about any doom and gloom scenarios that any new governing party will appropriate the country, as has already happened in Hungary. The German media claim that Fidesz, Victor Orban’s party, has spread to every possible corner of Hungary, and they now speculate that the same could happen in Poland. Bingen, however, opposes this view, claiming that a similar situation is unlikely in Poland, because the Polish political scene is too heterogeneous with the domination of one party not being possible.


Kopacz Fights On

Ewa Kopacz Fights On

PM Kopacz Doing Battle

“I was not aware of the ‘additional activities’ of the government press officer Iwona Sulik, her behaviour is unacceptable, and this explains why I have accepted her resignation,” remarked Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz. Sulik herself said that “to claim I have been training the opposition in public speaking is not acceptable and completely false”. Last week, Fakt released information claiming that in 2014 Sulik, while working for the then Speaker of the Lower House (the Sejm) Ewa Kopacz, trained the opposition in public speaking. Soon after her resignation, other resignations followed: Adam Piechowicz, head of the governmental advisory team and Jolanta Gruszka, head of the Prime Minister’s Office. Ewa Kopacz announced that she will reveal the names of the successors of Sulik, Piechowicz and Gruszka when she is ready. Sulik told the Polish Press Agency (PAP) that she resigned because she did not want to put the Prime Minister in a “difficult situation”. She assured everyone that she was not pressured into the decision and that she never trained anyone from the opposition. However, Fakt claimed she worked with Przemysław Wipler (an independent MP).

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Polish Roots of USA

Thaddeus Kosciuszko - US Hero

Thaddeus Kosciuszko – US Hero

The presence of Polish people had a positive impact on the history of the US from its very earliest days, at the beginning of the seventeenth century. They arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in 1609 on board the “Mary and Margaret”. In Virginia, Polish craftsmen established a glass factory, the first ever workshop in America. Later in 1619 following a strike, Polish people received the right to vote for colonists not born in Great Britain. Interestingly, in 1370 Poland was the first country in Europe to establish a requirement for taxpayers to agree to taxes being levied. 400 years later, under the banner of “no taxation without representation”, American colonists rebelled against Great Britain. The 1776 Anerican Declaration of Independence was based on the philosophy of John Locke, which was greatly shaped by Locke’s knowledge of the Polish Brothers (Arians); their volume was entitled “Bibliotheca Fratrum Polonorum”. When the Americans formulated their Constitution in 1787 they were acutely aware of the ill effects of foreign influences on the politics of Poland with the election of foreign kings to the throne of Poland. Thus, they highlighted that only those born in the USA can stand for President. The Polish military leader Tadeusz Kościuszko played a key role in the battle for US independence. He was one of only a few foreigners to receive the Cincinnati Medal. Kościuszko studied military engineering in France. After two years in Poland and then France he was convinced by Bejamin Franklin to go to America. There he was made a colonel by a resolution of Congress on 18 October 1776. To this day, Kościuszki is seen as one of the great heroes of US Independence.

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I Am a Woman say PM Ewa Kopacz

Polish PM Ewa Kopacz

Polish PM Ewa Kopacz

“You know, sir… I am a woman,” was new Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz’s reply to a journalist’s question about the international policy of Poland. This shows that the Prime Minister is simply not qualified for the position and, what is more, her comments are sexist. Can anyone imagine Angela Merkel similarly beginning a conversation? Days before Kopacz’s nomination as the new PM, Civic Platform (PO) members spoke to the media expressing their outrage at some of the sexist comments about the former Speaker of the House. However, the PM has herself admitted that the first things she noticed when becoming Prime Minister were in the context of her sex. During a presentation of her cabinet, she was asked a set of questions about Iraq and Ukraine. Her retort was, “You know, sir… I am a woman. I try to imagine what I would do if a person waved a sharp object at me or was carrying a gun on the street. My first thought would be for my home and children. I would escape home, close the door and look after my children”. Ewa Kopacz negated all that she had ever said over the years convincing people that qualifications – not sex – is what is important in politics. “Equality is not seeing oneself in stereotypes and then rehashing them,” tweeted Barbara Nowacka, Your Movement (TR) and Congress of Women (KK) activist, in response to Kopacz’s comments.

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Party Leader Quits for Right-Wing

Gowin's Faltering Party

Gowin’s Faltering Party

The deputy leader of Poland Together (PR) Piotr Zając has left the party and joined the controversial, right-wing Congress of the New Right (KNP). At a press conference in parliament, Zając informed the audience that he had resigned his function as deputy leader of Jarosław Gowin’s PR and also membership of the party. “Gowin and myself have similar ideas on Polish politics but different ideas on the way it should be realised. I leave Polish Together because I do not believe they have any chances of realising a sensible, free market economy programme in coalition with Law and Justice (PiS) and United Poland (PS).” He emphasised that PiS is just another part of the political clique that has blocked the Polish political scene in recent years and is not allowing Poland to rebuild and provide the basic changes which are needed for Poland to function. In November, PiS, PR and SP will run together in the local elections for Poland’s regional councils. Zając said that he had decided to join KNP because, in his view, it is the only party which includes young, resourceful, ideological people, who want to “push Poland to free market development”. He added, “I have exchanged a Fiat for a Lamborghini.” The leader of KNP Janusz Korwin-Mikke said he was glad Zając had decided to join his party. “If we want to build something, we must tell people that we are growing to the very top; our programme is radical,” said Korwin-Mikke.

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Right-Wing Parties Unite

(c) Fakt

The Holy Trinity (photo: Fakt)

After long negotiations, three of Poland’s right-wing parties have managed to reach an understanding regarding their future cooperation. On Saturday, the leaders of Law and Justice (PiS), United Poland (SP), and Poland Together (PRJG) signed a political agreement. “It is important to know the situation in the country, but also to know what to do in order to change it. One thing is certain: the change can only be accomplished together,” said Jarosław Kaczyński (PiS). According to the signed agreement, the two smaller parties will support a PiS candidate in the upcoming by-elections to the senate. Following that, all three parties will unite for this year’s regional elections, as well as in the parliamentary elections in 2015. In addition, the parties agreed to have one candidate in the presidential elections of 2015; however, none of the politicians wanted to comment on the rumour that the presidential candidate could be SP head Zbigniew Ziobro. Earlier this week, following a string of accusations made by PiS MPs who blamed the failure of negotiations on Ziobro and Gowin’s personal ambitions, Ziobro declared that he was willing to leave the world of politics if that was necessary for the right wing to unite.

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Restaurant Manager Detained

Robert Sowa

Robert Sowa

Internal Security Agency (ABW) agents have been attempting to find the people who illegally recorded a conversation between Interior Minister Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz and the head of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) Marek Belka in the restaurant, Sowa & Przyjaciele. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the ABW has detained the manager of Sowa & Przyjaciele. No charges have been brought against him. A decision is yet to be made regarding the charges which he will be facing and what exactly he will be questioned about. According to TVN24, Łukasz N. worked in this restaurant which was a popular place for Civic Platform (PO) politicians. In fact, little over two years ago the restaurant was a hit among the most important political figures in Poland. Journalists have also described, among others, meetings between Prime Minister Donald Tusk and (former PO politician) Janusz Palikot and Foreign Affairs Minister Radosław Sikorski, according to TVN24 reports. An ABW spokesman explains that since Saturday activities have been carried out to clarify all circumstances related to this case. “After a detailed analysis of the data we have already collected, the Internal Security Agency has begun searching places where more evidence can be found in cooperation with the Office of the Public Prosecutor,” said ABW spokesman Maciej Karczyński.

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