The Newzar team is made up of a host of writers and Polish-English translators. These include:

Raf Uzar (editor-in-chief) is a translator, journalist and writer and has been active in the media for a number of years. He currently works as Head Translator for Dialog-pheniben, a journal on immigration issues; is a language consultant for international law firm Magnusson and a full-time lecturer and translator trainer at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Music and DJing are his secret passions.

Luiza Jasińska graduated in English with business and translation, and later completed postgraduate studies in Real Estate Brokerage at Warsaw University of Technology. In 2013, she graduated in British Law Studies at the Centre for the Study of English and European Law at the University of Warsaw. In 2011-2013 she finished a legal/translation course, as well as translation courses in Public Procurement Law and Sworn Legal Translation. Luiza has been working as a translator for international law firm Magnusson since 2009. In 2013 she became a sworn translator.

Paweł Besser is a graduate of Translation Studies. His professional interests include economics, politics, law, and translation technology. He currently works as a language coordinator at Lionbridge. He manages the linguistic processes of translation, localisation, maintains language assets and provides CAT and Q&A support for translators.

Justyna Duleba (Michalczyk) is a professional translator, currently serving as Head of Translation at Provident Polska. Justyna joined the company in 2010 and has been responsible for interpreting/translation, team management and development and recruitment. She gives lectures about the work and role of the translator. Prior to joining Provident she worked as language trainer, translator and proofreader at TFLS and L2 Language Consulting. Justyna became a sworn translator in 2014. After work she plays tennis and plans to win a Wimbledon title one day.

Maciej Mamiński graduated in Journalism and PR. He currently works as Technical Manager at GET IT where he is reponsible for a number of activities related to the technical aspects of translation, including but not limited to: the training of translators in the use of the newest CAT tools, providing technical support and troubleshooting for both internal and external staff and developing language and business processes for the company. In his free time he enjoys running and squash.

SWPS (staff writers) – the majority of the day-to-day writing at the Newzar office is undertaken by a select group of translation initiates at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Their hard work and endless curiosity are the reason our news service has proved to be so popular over the years.

If you are looking for job opportunities at Newzar, please email us at: newzar@wp.pl


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