Bishop Attacks PiS

Pieronik Defends State

Pieronik Defends State

Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek has joined the ranks of high-profile critics of Law and Justice (PiS) following the public mauling of Jarosław Kaczyński by Henryka Krzywonos (more here) at the anniversary celebrations of Solidarity as well as the slating of Kaczyński by the first non-communist post-war Prime Minister in Central Europe and UN emissary Tadeusz Mazowiecki for Kaczyński’s “lies” and manipulation of the truth. It seems Kaczyński is on a dangerous path and important Polish figures are now ready to stand up and fight him. In an interview for Rzeczpospolita Bishop Taduesz Pieronek claims that most of Poland’s Catholic bishops have become enamoured by PiS and are too politically-oriented. He blames Radio Maryja. Furthermore, Bishop Pieronek claims that the cross scandal that has engulfed Poland is nothing more than a political war which has nothing to do with religion. He goes on to claim that PiS is behind the ‘defenders of the cross’. Pieronek draws an interesting analogy saying that Hitler also took advantage of religion for his own political purposes with the use of the motto “Gott mit uns”. The church, he believes, should keep to church matters alone and not get involved with matters that concern the state.

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  1. Steve · Sep 3, 2010

    Raf, you may recall that I asked (genuinely, as it happens) whether the Smolensk cross affair had given the impression that the scout movement in Poland was becoming something like a Hitler Youth type organisation. Whilst I was happy to accept your view the organisation itself came out well in the affair, it is interesting to see that Pieronik also sees Hitleresque links in the politics of the situation. I wasn’t being quite as extreme as I feared.


    • Raf Uzar · Sep 3, 2010

      Steve, I DO remember and actually also thought about your comments when I read the Pieronek interview. 🙂 To be honest, I think his analogy was a little too much but that’s just me.


  2. Steve · Sep 6, 2010

    Your word ‘analogy’ here is perfect – similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar. The difficulty in both his and my case is/was the different balance of emotion between the writer and the reader, not the content of the words. To flatter you, I thought you would understand my question and was very pleased to see that you did.


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