Poles Not Wanted in Bristol

Polish Graffiti

Polish Graffiti

Jordan Jurgiel has been living in Bristol for twelve years now. He says he has always felt welcomed and safe here. Until now. A few days ago someone sprayed “Poles, go away!” on his fence. “I am truly shocked, it’s disgusting,”he says. It is the first time Jordan Jurgiel has experienced racism in twelve years. He has been in Bristol since 2005 and is a supermarket manager. “I was coming home late on Saturday. Just as I was opening my door, my neighbour asked if I had seen the graffiti someone had sprayed just outside my door. I was shocked,” says Jordan Jurgiel. He is convinced that the graffiti is directed only at him. There are no other Polish people who live on his street. “Fortunately my kids are on holiday and have not seen it. I thought I was getting on well with all my neighbours, but then something like this happens, he adds. Jordan Jurgiel has already reported the case. This is not the first such case in Bristol.


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