Gas Supply Threat

Burning Problem

Burning Problem

“The unstable situation east of the Polish border may result in problems with gas supplies,” according to Andrzej Szczęśniak, a fuel market specialist. However, he emphasises that consumers should not be afraid. The Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) currently has the largest gas reserves in its history. “Large reserves are the effect of the weather and its unpredictability therefore PGNiG has taken important measures allowing us to breathe more easily when looking east,” says Andrzej Szczęśniak. The quantity of gas reserves held in storage has no impact on prices. The general state of PGNiG is better than a year ago. “For PGNiG what is most important is cash flow. Positive figures demonstrate the strength of the company,” Andrzej Szczęśniak. Last year PGNiG achieved a net income of PLN 1.92bn. Specialists predict a stabilisation of the market this year, however, income levels will not be as high as in 2013.

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