Energy from Waste Dump

Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun

A photovoltaic farm will open at a former waste dump near Ustronie Morskie by the end of April. The very idea of installing it there and the impressive progress of work are praiseworthy, all the more so in view of Poland’s hitherto patchy record in promoting the use of renewable energy sources. By 2020 the share of renewable energy in total power generation in Poland should reach 20% and if that target is to be met, a great deal of effort is still required. The governor of the village of Kukinka, who came up with the idea of converting a nearby waste dump into a photovoltaic farm, is acutely aware of this fact. Having seen a similar solution in Germany, he set about seeking funds to finance a photovoltaic farm in his area. An EU subsidy and a low-interest loan provided the money, a contractor was selected and work began. The investment enables the development of land which would otherwise remain unusable for a few decades under current regulations prohibiting the construction of any buildings on former landfill sites for 50 years from the moment they ceased to be used as such. Specialists explain that these regulations were adopted for safety reasons: waste decomposes underground, which produces hollow spaces and gases leading to ground instability for a long period. However, if the land is properly prepared and safety conditions are met, under certain circumstances a former landfill can be recultivated sooner. Additionally, photovoltaic farms are considered equipment installations rather than constructions, so a building permit is not necessary, even though Kukinka obtained one for the project. The power generated locally will allow the village to reduce its current spending on power by over 80% and, consequently, a relatively short payback period for the investment.
Puls Biznesu

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